Best Wooden Garden Sheds Under £1000

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Garden buildings like wooden sheds in the UK solve outdoor storage problems for gardeners, hobbyists, and more. Sheds can be far more than a stylish storage option; some homeowners use outdoor sheds as a private office or craft studio. The possibilities are truly endless.

Garden sheds can be affordable and versatile for all your unique interests. Learn more about the various shapes, features, security strengths, and styles of sheds that you can get in the UK. Then, read about the featured garden sheds with pricetags under £1000.

Wooden Garden Sheds at a Glance

How To Pick the Best Wooden Sheds UK

Garden sheds are available in a wide array of sizes, shapes, styles, and features. Some sheds include shatterproof windows for natural light, and some provide single or double doors to allow access to your tools and garden furniture. Learn more about the features to decide which ones you value the most.

Affordable Garden Shed Sizes

The shed size that you need will depend on your goals for your garden and how you want to use the shed. Some sheds are only large enough to qualify as more of a garden locker, while others are large enough for you to use as an outdoor office. You’ll have to decide which will be the most useful to you.

Common shed sizes can include, but aren’t limited to:

● 6ft. x 4ft. — ideal for storing smaller tools like terracotta planters, handheld trowels, rakes, and other garden implements
● 8ft. x 6ft. — great for storing small and medium tools like wheelbarrows, shovels, and some smaller garden furniture
● 10ft. x 6ft. — perfect for storing large and small garden tools and furniture, including push mowers and just about anything that can fit through the shed door

Common Shed Roof Styles

Garden sheds feature two popular styles of roof: apex and pent. Some manufacturers reverse these styles to create a total of four options of garden shed roofing. Apex roofs are a common choice for gardens with plenty of vertical space, while pent roofs are ideal for tight spaces.

Apex and reverse apex roofing – Apex features two slopes that meet in the centre of the shed. A garden shed with an apex roof is more accessible to walk into than some other shed types.

Pent and reverse pent roofing — Pent sheds only have one higher slope on one side. Typical pent roofing is taller at the front, while reverse pent roofs are higher in the back. These types of garden sheds can fit more easily into smaller gardens.

You will also want to check the roofing materials to ensure that your shed will be safe from rain, snow, and heavy storms. Most wooden sheds in the UK will use a mineral or sand felt roofing material to prevent water from reaching the interior of the shed. Ensure that the shed has a minimum overhang of 5cm for improved protection performance.

Wooden Garden Shed Styles

Garden sheds are available in wood, metal, and plastic varieties. Many homeowners prefer the classic appearance and strength of treated wood to complement their garden’s overall aesthetic. Traditional wooden garden sheds use quality timber from popular softwood trees that include:

● Pine — a beautiful light-toned wood that can resist the loss of knots and prevent holes from developing in the walls with proper annual treatments
● Cedar — a long-lasting and resilient wood with light honey tones that can act as a natural moth repellant
● Spruce — a light- to medium-toned straight grain wood that is ideal for light construction purposes like garden sheds

You can also choose from one of three popular cladding types, which include:

● Overlap sheds — the most affordable style of cladding for wooden garden sheds.
● Tongue and groove — interlocking boards that provide a sleek and smooth appearance.
● Shiplap cladding — tongue and groove cladding with added scalloping for better water drainage.

Each type of cladding for a wooden garden shed carries different benefits and drawbacks. More affordable types of cladding will require more care each year to prevent the material from deteriorating. Sleek aesthetics can be attractive and will add to the overall cost of your new shed.

Door and Window Options

Storage sheds can feature an array of options for doors and windows. Single doors are useful in smaller sheds that hold items you can easily carry into the shed. Double doors are a great option to seek out if you have more oversized items which roll, like mowers or wheelbarrows.

Shatterproof windows are a popular feature on most garden sheds. Some of these windows may be prone to yellowing over time but will maintain their strength over the shed’s lifetime. Dual windows are handy if you prefer natural lighting over the installation of hanging lamps or electrical lines.

Security Strengths
You might worry about the safety of your tools in a garden shed. Most sheds will include some sort of latch to ensure full closure of the shed door(s). Thankfully, you can also opt to add on security features to prevent potential burglars from reaching your tools.

Keep Costs Down With Smaller Garden Sheds

You might wonder how much a long-lasting timber shed will cost you. Many smaller sheds have price tags that are well below £1000. You will need to watch the options and installation cost additions because not all sheds include bases, floors, or installation costs upfront.

Keep in mind that many sheds available for order will require two or more people to build the shed or install the necessary base that improves the integrity of the structure.

Smaller sheds can combine quality materials and craftsmanship to provide the unique storage solution you’re looking for. Be sure to follow any care instructions the manufacturer provides to ensure the longevity of your garden shed investment.

Wooden Garden Shed Maintenance Tips

Every garden shed will need regular maintenance to keep it strong and resilient throughout the years. A couple of essential shed care tips for wooden garden sheds include:

● Regularly clearing the roof of moss, leaves, dirt, and other debris
● Checking the roof for damage after storms
● Repairing holes, tears, and rips in the roofing, walls, and flooring as they occur
● Treating the wood with protective sealants annually or per manufacturer instructions
● Greasing the hinges to ensure the door continues to function quietly and effectively

These tips will help prevent damage and rot from claiming your shed and wasting your investment in your home’s garden. An excellent wooden garden shed can last for at least 10 years if you follow the care tips above and adhere to a regular maintenance schedule.

A Selection of Garden Sheds Under £1000

8 x 6 Overlap Double Door Apex Wooden Shed (Waltons)

8 x 6 Overlap Double Door Apex Wooden Shed – Waltons

This double door wooden shed with an apex roof is roomy enough to store garden chairs, wheelbarrows, and essential tools for your garden. The standard materials include a mineral felt roof covering, FSC® certified timber, and shatterproof styrene windows.

Approximate internal dimensions — 2.29m depth x 1.7m width

Forest Garden Overlap Dip Treated 6×4 Pent Shed (Amazon)

cheap garden shed from amazon
Cheap garden shed on Amazon

This Forest Garden shed features a pent roof and just enough room for your favourite garden tools. The shed has a single door and shatterproof PET glazing that won’t yellow or become brittle over time. The manufacturer sources and works the wood in this straight edge overlap shed locally.

Approximate dimensions — 1.387m length x 1.978m width x 2.01m height

Mercia Wooden 10 x 6ft Overlap Garden Shed (Argos)

cheap garden shed available from Argos and wicks

Take a look at this single door extra-large pent roof garden shed that is super spacious for all of your outdoor goods and tools. Lawnmowers and garden tools will easily fit into this shed without feeling crowded. This shed features FSC wooden overlap cladding and a non-moving styrene glazed window.

Approximate dimensions — 3.03m width x 2.05m height x 1.86m depth

Forest Garden 8 x 6 ft Pent Overlap Dip Treated Shed (wicks)

garden shed built from flat pack

An affordable and attractively simple garden shed, this 8 x 6 storage solution features 4.56 square metres of inside space for your tools and more. This shed also features hidden hinges for improved security and shatterproof PET glazed windows for safety. Wood materials are sourced locally and FSC certified.

Approximate dimensions — 2.043m depth x 2.518m width x 2m height

Mercia 8x6ft Overlap Pent Shed (Homebase)

Mercia 8x6ft Overlap Pent Shed

This garden shed is an example of the prevalent overlap pent wooden sheds in the UK today. A pad bolt keeps your tools secure while styrene glass glazing prevents the single fixed window from shattering in storms. This functional and contemporary shed is a great storage solution for your garden.

Approximate internal dimensions — 2.304m width x 1.707m depth x 1.707 height