When To Scarify Your Lawn In The UK

Updated/Fact-Chacked on July 29, 2021 by John

If you have a lawn, you definitely know how vital scarification is, as it helps remove debris, thatch, and moss, so they don’t prevent ideal grass growth. It also allows grass to grow denser and more appropriately, so you have a lovely lawn. 

Lawn scarifying with rack

However, scarification is not a process that can be done at any time of the year, as there are certain months when you should scarify your grass and other months when you definitely shouldn’t. 

In this article, I’ll give you a good idea about the ideal months, stating the reasons why they are considered so. 

The Best Time To Scarify 

Before you scarify, you must make sure that the grass is growing fast and dense enough to recover, and since the two growth periods of grass are in spring and autumn, they are the best months to scarify. And now, let’s break them down into months. 

Scarification in March is weather-dependent. If you need to scarify during March, measure the soil temperature and make sure it’s 8 degrees Celsius or above to guarantee that the grass roots are warm enough to grow and recover. You should also check the weather forecast and see if it’s going to rain soon because that would be just great. 

The Best Time To Scarify 

April is absolutely the ideal month for this process. At this time, the soil is usually warm, and the grass is already grown enough to withstand scarification. There is also enough moisture and rain to ensure the grass growth. 

In case the weather in the spring is not as good as it used to be due to global warming and so, wait until the autumn. Also, make sure not to scarify hard during the spring; otherwise, your lawn won’t recover, and you’ll have a lousy one for the summer. 

You can scarify as hard as your lawn needs during autumn, specifically September and October. This is when the air is cold, and there is a lot of moisture in the air, so the grass can successfully complete its second growth cycle. Besides, most of the summer weeds will be gone by this time, making it the perfect timing for scarification. Moreover, you can seed the soil again with better grass and enjoy a beautiful lawn the next year.  

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The Worst Time To Scarify a Lawn

Never attempt to scarify your lawn during any other months other than those stated above. If you scarify in winter, the grass will not recover because the lawn will be in hibernation. And if it’s urgent to improve your grass during the summer, aeration would be best. 

The Worst Time To Scarify

Lawn Scarifying FAQs

Best tools for lawn scarifying?

If you want a good work out then use a standard rack, otherwise you can buy an electric scarifying machine.

How many times should you scarify a year?

We have spoken to a few lawn experts and the general consensus is once per year, preferably in autumn

Can you over scarify a lawn?

Yes only scarify your lawn once per year

Is it best to cut grass before scarifying?

Yes lawn experts advise to cut your grass before you scarify

Is it worth scarifying a lawn?

Yes, especially if you are seeing an accumulation of moss. Scarifying also oxygenates your lawn.

Does scarifying remove thatch?

Yes scarifying your lawn will remove thatch

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, you now know that spring is suitable for light scarification, and autumn is the best month for heavy grass scarification. So, don’t ever attempt to scarify during winter and summer, otherwise, you’ll be destroying your lawn.

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