Magical Lemon Lime Plant

Updated/Fact-Chacked on September 9, 2020 by Mary

Lemon lime plants are getting more and more popular. They’re one of the four beautiful nandinas you can find in the Southern Living Plant collection, along with Obsession, Blush Pink, and Flirt.

Speaking in terms of botany, lemon lime plants branched from Nandina Domestica, which are commonly referred to as Heavenly Bamboo. While nandinas are usually red when they come to mind, this type has a flashy colour that stands out.

Planting a Lemon Lime Plant

Typically, lemon lime is grown in zones 6 to 9 where the temperature could get as low as -10 degrees. It can grow up to a meter or slightly more, but it’s easy to maintain as it’s a prest-free plant that’s easy to grow.

If you want to perfectly plant your nandinas in the landscape, you have to pay attention to the planting and care techniques. It’s much better to place them in a bed of shrubs that is moist, well-drained, rich with humus and nutrients, and a little loose. You could cover it with a layer of mulch to prevent it from losing moisture, deter weeds from it, and regular temperature in the summer.


Opt for larger container-grown shrubs and smaller trees, especially if you’re on a budget. Yes, it may seem that buying 3 to 5 gallons is expensive, but you won’t need many, especially that it helps to plant at the correct spacing.

If you’re preparing a shrub bed for magical lemon lime plants, I’d recommend using metal edging, landscape timbers, or bricks to divide turfs from beds and to raise the soil with organic matter to provide a good drainage system.

Also, put some effort into planting bold curves and avoiding straight lines. Don’t forget to group your lemon lime plants in odd numbers: three, five, or seven.

If you cluster a group like that by an entrance, you’ll definitely notice how it stands out, especially against plants of a dark green colour. Lemon lime trees look great with any other plant, which makes it quite versatile.


Its contrasting colour makes it look great with taller, evergreen plants like cleyera, ligustrums, and hollies. You can even partner them up with ornamental grass.

If you’re planting lemon lime in winter or early spring, you can plant it with pansies. And it doesn’t matter what the colour of your pansies would be, lemon lime would match anyway. Though I’d recommend going for yellow, blue, or white.


For the summer, you can use them to add colours to flowers like petunias, begonias, and angelonias. It also looks great with elephant ears, gingers, and bananas.


Magical lemon lime plants, or heavenly bamboo, can thrive in mixed containers, plenty of soil blends, and seasons; truly an all-purpose and versatile choice.

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