Kolomikta Climbing Vine (Actinidia Kolomikta)

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This rarely seen and rarely recognised climber is quite gorgeous.It is sometimes known as the Kiwi vine, although more in the USA than the UK.

It grows to thirty feet tall and spreads to a width of sixteen feet with large and long dark green leaves, that can reach six inches in size, which are green with a faint purple tinge when they first appear but which become variegated as the year continues with splotches of bright pink and white on the end furthest from the plant. Small fragrant white flowers appear in late spring or early summer and the female plant will produce a green, smooth-skinned fruit in autumn.

kolomikta growing on a wall

It’s really impressive, particularly grown against a light wall, but it will need trellising or some other form of support. Although not a plant for a beginner, this one can cope well with most of the weather conditions that are thrown at it, as long as it is planted in full sun and has a rich but well-drained soil that can be kept cool.

actinidia_kolomikta up close


This is a member of the clematis family and protecting the roots with a mulch or even a slab that will keep the base of the plant nicely chilled will do a great deal to produce good leaf growth. If necessary it can be pruned in winter but bear in mind that it may not do well in the following year if it is exposed to cold winter winds.

Once established this is a vigorous and twining climber.

Kolomikta FAQs

Does Actinidia kolomikta need much sun?

Yes this climber prefers to be in full sun, which is why its not often seen in the UK

Are kolomikta easy to grow?

Yes as long as they are planted in well drained soiled – they don’t like to sit in moist conditions.

Is the kolomikta vine invasive?

kolomikta is a fast growing climber so you will need to keep it under control

Is kolomikta easy to maintain?

Yes, once established, the kolomikta can be left to it’s own devices and will happily thrive

What is kolomikta scientific name?

Kolomikta are called Actinidia kolomikta

When does kolomikta flower?

Kolomikta will flower in early summer

How do you propagate kolomikta?

Kolomikta seeds can be planed in early spring or you can take softwood cuttings

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