How to Stop Birds from Destroying Your Lawn

Updated/Fact-Chacked on February 16, 2022 by John

Unlike all the things that threaten to harm your lawn, birds are the scariest. They can destroy your lawn in no time if they decide to eat your grass or seeds, and there is no single method by which you can stop them.


In this article, I have managed to compile some of the most effective tips and tricks you can try to stop birds from destroying your perfect lawn

5 Methods to Stop Birds From Destroying Your Lawn 

1. Remove Their Food Source Before Seeding 

Birds are intelligent species; they memorize the places where there is food for them. You can outwit them by removing any food source from your lawn two or three weeks before you start seeding. During this time, they will have stopped coming to your garden, so your seeds will be safe on the ground. 

2. Scare Them Away 

You can use another traditional method, which is scaring them away. There are various ways by which you can do this, including putting a scarecrow or sounds in the field. 

Scarecrows are the oldest way, and they don’t need much explanation. Just put one or two in the middle of your field so that you deceive the birds by creating the illusion that you’re there. The only downside to this method is that it is a short-term solution because they will realize that this object is harmless. 

Noise deterrents are a better option, however, if you want a long-term solution. I advise you not to get a loud noise generator so as not to disturb yourself or neighbors. Wind chimes are the best option you can go for as their inconsistent noise is pleasant to people but scary to birds. You can use tin cans if you want a cheap yet effective solution. 

3. Bury the Seed Deep in the Ground

Birds get attracted to their food, so if you hide it, they won’t come! You can bury the seeds well in the soil, then add a small amount of water on the top to change the familiar shape of the sand. If you don’t do this, birds may still come and try to search for the seed under the soil. 

Bury the Seed Deep in the Ground

4. Use Your Pet

If you have a pet, let it walk in your field, and it will scare the birds away. If any bird dares to land on your lawn, your pet will have fun chasing it away. 

5. Build Barriers 

Bring several cups, and cut them from their bottom, so that they are open from both sides, then put them over vulnerable seeds. This way, the birds won’t be able to see the seeds, and the light will still reach them. 

Also, pinning a chicken wire to the ground and putting a large net over it helps prevent birds from reaching the seeds. You can easily raise the wire and the net as your plant grows, and enjoy this long-term cheap solution. 

Build Barriers

Final Thoughts 

Now, you can finally say goodbye to scary birds and welcome a prosperous lawn as you’ve never seen before. You need to follow some of the above steps until you find the method that works best for you.

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