The Crimson Bottlebrush

The Crimson Bottlebrush (Callistemon citrinus) was introduced to Britain by Joseph Banks in 1789 from Australia and since then this wonderful plant has become one of our most popular garden plants, not just for gardens, but for floral displays.

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Criminal plants – garden theft

Believe it or not, this year, over three million households in Britain will wake up to find their garden has been turned over, but not by the gardener! The trade in stolen shrubs, patio furniture and lawns has become into a lucrative black market.

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Lawn Care: Repairing a Damaged Lawn

If you have a lawn with large areas of patchy growth you need to decide if the problem can be resolved. If the lawn has been planted over rubble or under trees, or has dense shade on it for much of the day, you may not be able to create the kind of perfect lawn you wish for. However, if you have only some patches poor or damaged turf it is worth while trying to repair them before investing in a new lawn.

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Carnations and Pinks

It’s my humble opinion that no garden is complete without the Dianthus family. Whether you’re a fan of the green carnation, the cinnamon scented Pink or the sugary Sweet William, or some of the tiny and delicate rock garden Dianthus, there’s something for everybody in the species. And by and large, they’re easy to grow perennials that will delight for year after year.

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Greenhouse Gardening – Gardenia Gardenia

People often return from holiday with the idea of growing a Gardenia as a houseplant, after seeing larger versions growing outdoors in hotter climates. The plant’s heady perfume from pure white flowers seems very appealing, … Read more