Terms & Conditions

“Goods” are any products and/or services provided by the Company based upon the client’s orders. “Company” is BlueWorldGardener.co.uk. “Client” means the individual or firm placing orders with the Company.

The Company’s terms and conditions will form the basis of sale of goods. Any terms or conditions of the Client will not apply to the sale.

The Company reserves the right to change the quantities, price and delivery time indicated on a quotation. However, it will do its best to conform to them. If the client requires a variation in the work then the fee might be changed.

An email confirmation from the Client will be taken to indicate that an order has been placed. Once the order is confirmed it cannot be cancelled without first paying for any costs that have been incurred.

The Company reserves the right to sub-contract the entire work or a portion of it.

The Company owns the right to the Goods and will be protected by all applicable laws to this effect.

New Clients are expected to pay for Goods in advance. However, other invoices have to be settled within 30 days of being issues unless otherwise stated by the Company. Late payment will attract interest on the outstanding amount and fees as determined by the Company.

The Client has to inform the company about any dispute within seven days of receiving the Goods. The Client has to settle the invoice minus the disputed amount until the problem is resolved.

The services will be sent to the Client by email and will be considered to have been delivered when the Client opens the email. The company will use conventional delivery methods if it cannot be done electronically.

The Client is permitted to use Consumer and Business data files for a maximum 6 months after delivery. The data records are intended for use in market research and should not be passed on to any other party.